The SWITCH to Solar Project

Advantages of using solar energy for agriculture

Unstable supply of electricity and high operational cost are primary concerns for many agriculture practitioners, many have even dealt serious loses. As a result. a growing number of farms and agricultural businesses are looking to solar to power their daily operations for a number of reasons.

Solar water pump being used in small scale farm in rural area of Cambodia
Image: Choun Sotheavuth (PIN Cambodia)



1. A lot cheaper than fossil fuels
On large farms, solar energy harnessed will result in low cost than fossil fuels. The installation will be costly but once you recover the invested amount the energy you used will be free of cost. Additionally, you get subsidies from state and central government which will help you to easily pay off the cost of installation. 

2. A sensible solution to drought related problems 
Every year farmers worry about drought and power cuts occurring with it. With solar energy panels in place, you don’t have to rely on a third party to carry out your farming activities. Solar panels require minimal water and prove very beneficial in areas with water scarcity. 

3. Getting more advanced
Agriculture has sometimes been slow to adopt technological benefits when compared to other sectors. With using solar energy to power agriculture activities, the farming sector proves that they are ready for more technological advancements. With solar energy on the rise, more farmers use solar energy to run their agricultural activities and this will provoke businesses and researchers to provide farmers with more technologically equipped apparatus. 

4. Storing solar energy for later use
As agricultural land always lives under the fear of interrupted power failures, using solar energy can prove beneficial for many. With new advancements, it is becoming easier to store solar energy for later use. Farmers can store solar energy using batteries during its peak hours and use it later when needed. 

5. The most efficient way to prevent global warming
Global warming is a hot topic of the 21st century. Each sector is trying to reduce its carbon footprint in one or the other way. With farmers adopting solar energy for their agricultural land it will become easier for us to fight the dangerous effects of global warming. 



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