The SWITCH to Solar Project

Our Work
Our plan for each region is to identify at least 15 targeted districts in the 5 provinces around Tonle Sap for intervention; will include establishment of demonstrations sites and targeted beneficiaries for uptake of solar energy solutions for productive use.

Phnom Penh


Kampong Chhnang

Kampong Thom


Siem Reap

Total Accross 5 provinces:



in the agri-/fishery sector across key sub-sectors


Sales Agents

and after-sales providers



and entrepreneurs in Cambodia and regionally




Financial Intermediaries

Solar technologies

SWITCH to Solar

Is designed to accelerate a nationwide uptake of solar technology for productive uses across Cambodia’s agri-fishery value chains.

Solar Hydroponic 

The owner of the demo-site Mr. Sam Sary, installed the first hydroponic greenhouse at the back of their house in 2020 to grow leafy vegetable. In mid-2021, they further invested to expand the production by adding two greenhouses, one for hydroponics and the other as a nursery.

Solar Cooling System

In Kampong Thom, SOGE Cambodia has established a solar cooling system to cool the internal temperature of a chicken house.

Solar Water Pump

The owner of the demonstration site, Ms. Nob Kolab, has been successfully farming on her two-hectare land by employing strategic crop rotation and selecting vegetables based on her market demand.

In-Pond Raceway Systems

MFTF’s In-Pond Raceway Systems are designed and manufactured at Work of Your Hand’s fabrication workshop located in Siem Reap. Each individual IPRS measures 6m long (including the hood), 1.2m high and 1m wide. Without the hood, the cage is 5m long with total volume of 5 cubic meters. 

Submersible Solar Water Pump

The owner of the demonstration site, Mr. Cheng Bona, is an experienced farmer who owns and operates four fishponds. Fish production is his primary source of income, and he mainly focuses on fish farming and retailing. 


Solar Cricket Raising Kit

The owner of the demo site, Mr Loun Holeang and his family had been farming for a long time, with he and his family catching wild cickets due to high local demand.

Solar Dryer

In Siem Reap province, Harvest the Sun has established a solar dryer site focusing on the fishery post-harvest processors.

Large Scale Solar Water Pump

Founded in 2013, SOGE has over 20 years of experience in designing, installing and maintaining a variety of solar energy products tailored to meet the energy demands of Cambodia’s agriculture sector.